Safe ventilation for a fresher atmosphere

New Building Regulations

What do the changes mean?

Trickle Vents are a Building Regulation requirement, the changes to approved ‘document F’ require that the majority of replacement windows and doors need to be fitted with trickle vents.

What is a trickle vent?

A trickle vent is a small controllable ventilation opening, usually fitted in the top of a window, it allows fresh air to enter a room and polluted air to filter out. They’re designed to improve the quality of air in a room.
Expertly designed and developed in the UK, our sleek new vents allow an appropriate amount of air to pass through the window for a fresher environment. Allowing stale air and harmful pollutants to escape, reducing the potential spread of diseases, such as Covid-19. They also help to  reduce condensation, as well as enabling you to benefit securely from ventilation without having an open window.

  • Internal vents can be tilted 30,60 or 90 degrees according to ventilation requirements
  • Helps to ventilate stale air, harmful pollutants and reduce condensation
  • Hooded external canopy prevents water and insects from entering the home
  • Matched to your chosen frame colour

Existing Home Ventilation Guide

Section 1: Introduction
This guide is intended to help you better understand the ventilation of your home. This guide does not replace the manufacturer’s instructions for ventilation systems, which should always be followed.

Section 2: What is ventilation for?
Ventilation is the exchange of fresh air from outside and stale air and moisture from the inside of a property. Poor ventilation can result in harmful pollutants and moisture being trapped in the property which, in turn, can damage the health of people and the house itself.

  • Reducing condensation and mold growth
    Through household activities such as showering, washing dishes and clothes, cooking and even just by breathing we generate a lot of moisture that enters the air inside our homes. Without effective ventilation, this moisture can be trapped in the property which, in turn, can damage the health of your family and the house itself.
  • Protecting health
    Without good ventilation, there will be more substances in the air that can cause harm to you and your family. This includes pollutants from cooking, cleaning products and fabric furnishings.

Questions about trickle vents and the new building regulations?

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